Making the commitment to personal training with Joanna is the best decision I have made for myself in years! As a woman in my early 40s, weight gain is a never ending battle, and I was finding that all of my “go to” exercises and routines that had helped me over the years just didn’t seem to work any longer.  I had been looking for a Pilates instructor for a very long time but could not find anyone close enough to home to fit into my schedule. So I was so ecstatic to find Joanna! Although I had never used a reformer, as soon as I started my sessions I knew I had found my niche. Within just a few weeks, I started to feel like my old self again. I have gained strength in areas of my body that I thought were unattainable at my age.  And I enjoy these workouts! It’s precious time that I set aside just for me and I leave feeling empowered. Joanna is very encouraging and customizes routines based on my personal needs. She is always flexible and works with me to accommodate scheduling. I highly recommend Joanna, regardless of your age or gender, as she can help make a real difference in your health and overall happiness.

 - Julie J., Monroe, CT

I am almost 70 years old and exercise has been part of my life for a very long time. I have participated in everything from high impact aerobics to strength training to Pilates. Joanna's attention to form and detail make all the difference between going through the motions and getting the most out every exercise. In my experience the way she applies Pilates techniques to traditional training is simply the best.

- Gloria K., Woodbridge, CT

Joanna is extraordinarily observant. She assessed my physical situation with a clear and highly educated eye and tailored a program to my individual needs. Now she watches closely, alert for what works and what should be changed or expanded to get better results. She never indulges in generalities. In Joanna's sharp eye there are no "average" clients, no typical conditions. She stands (with perfect posture) head and shoulders above every fitness professional I have ever met.

- Justin S., Newtown, CT

Joanna is like no other. Her credentials and professionalism speak to her expertise; combine this with her talent and it sets her aside from other fitness professionals. Joanna puts together the most creative and enthusiastic workouts – you will love the results and feel marvelous afterwards! I never get bored with my workouts and Joanna inspires me to want to do better and be stronger. Motivation is the key to maintaining any workout and believe it or not, with Joanna, you never want to stop.

- Cathy F., Monroe, CT

I started working out with Joanna because I was fascinated by Pilates and wanted to try it. I hadn't had the opportunity to work out for quite some time, and Pilates seemed like the perfect opportunity to start working out again. Joanna quickly turned my fascination with Pilates into a love of Pilates! She's extremely professional, obviously well qualified, tailored my program to my needs, and always kept me challenged. I was amazed at times by how much we accomplished in our sessions, and how much fun I had doing it! Thanks to Joanna, I now have the strength and stamina to do things that I wouldn't have even attempted a few months ago. I've noticed that I also feel less stressed than I used to.

- Darlene D., Milford, CT

Joanna is the consummate professional with a strong passion for her work. Her methods incorporate years of training and extensive education in the field. Unlike many who claim to be fitness professionals, Joanna has the credentials and experience to prove it. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her. The workouts were always different to keep things interesting and just difficult enough to make me slightly dislike her – yet love her for the results! Her programs adapt to the capabilities and physical limitations of her clients, but were always a joy. I now live 1000 miles away, so if you hurry, you may be able to grab my spot!

- Terri S., Raleigh, NC